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Ancient Ideas of Technology and Sciences

Ancient Idea of Technology and Sciences
There remain many unsolved mysteries about the technologists of the ancient world. There is evidence that in Mesopotamian, craftsmen knew how to use electrical currents for electroplating metals.

The ancient Polynesian, without the aid of compasses or charts, navigated the Pacific.

The Egyptians not only constructed the pyramids but also were able to lift massive stone obelisks onto their ends by some unknown method.

The ancient Egyptians built a canal to link the Red Sea with the Mediterranean and other technological and mathematical innovations took place in India, China and central Asia.

In pre-Bronze Age Britain and on the continent of Europe, builders somehow moved heavy stones to build monuments with apparent astronomical orientations such as at Stonehenge.

The ancient Greeks used a complicated navigational device that was a sort of early geared analog computer to locate the positions of the stars and planets know as Anikythera computer.

The workings of that strange machine, found by a sponge fisherman off the Greek island of Syme in 1900, were partially unraveled by 1974 by a historian of technology, Derek de Solla Price.

In Americas, the Mayans, Toltecs, and subjects of the Inca knew about wheeled pull toys, but they never used wheels for vehicles or even wheelbarrows.

Yet the Mayans used the concept of the mathematical zero several centuries before the Europeans.

The fact that wisely dispersed nations and races came upon the same idea, in cases of parallel invention, rather than diffused invention , leave another set of tantalizing.
Ancient Idea of Technology and Sciences
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